Brochure 1

Conforms in every respect to the standard machine except that the variable speed unit is interposed between the machine and the electric motor, and projects the motor outwards by 10in. After having carried out various tests on cutting Keyways in components at the large end of the scale we have formed the opinion that whilst the standard machine will produce Keyways to the sizes quoted as per the American specification, we found that a machine fitted with a variable speed unit does tend to improve both the quality and the time taken to cut a large keyway, by virtue of the ability to reduce the number of strokes per minute especially when cutting higher grade materials. Conversely it has also been found that smaller Keyways especially in soft materials can be produced more quickly by increasing the strokes per minute in excess of the standard machine. The variable speed unit is manually controlled and gives a range of 16 to 60 strokes per minute.

Optional extras built into machine when ordered.

DA15-1600 3in. Extra Throat depth Assembly increase throat depth from 19in. to 22in.

DA15-1700 6in. Extra Height Arm post increases length of keyway from 12in. to 18in.

DA15-2000 Step Feed Attachment.

DA15-2100 Tropicalisation of electric’s.

DA15-2200 Voltages different to above.

Colour other than Vista Green.

Prices on Application